Umbrella Societies & Associations


Dalhousie Accounting Society

Our goal as a society is to bring together accounting students and help them build connections inside and outside of Dalhousie. Guaranteeing this, is our seasoned administrative team, which is separated into two bodies: the executive, which handles the day to day operations of the club and is made up of the President, Vice-President, Vice President- Finance, and Vice President Communications. The second is the extended executive, which is made up of members who have completed at least one co-op semester in an accounting position. These members will be your best resource when you have questions about firm culture, service lines, or recruitment processes. As a general member you will have access to these students as well as constant firm updates about on campus activities.

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Dalhousie DECA

Dalhousie DECA is the first Atlantic Chapter of DECAU and hopes to advance students forward in all areas of business leadership. With students involved from all years of business studies, in our first year as a society, we have brought together a range of students from different majors, and interests with high hopes for the future. DECA allows for students to develop their skills and compete in cases in many areas, such as: Business Management & Administration, Communications, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Finance & Accounting, Hospitality & Tourism and Marketing & Sales. DECAU gives students an opportunity to put their skills and experiences to work at conferences and through case competitions, which are judged by business or industry professionals. Dalhousie DECA is looking forward to providing a unique opportunity to improve case experience, expand a professional network by meeting other involved and engaged students from across the nation, as well as the chance to bring home provincial success as a representative of the Rowe School of Business.

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Dalhousie Investment Society

DALIS aims to bridge the gap between what students learn in school, and what they need to learn to be successful in Capital Markets. We manage a $100 Million mock portfolio of stocks, bonds, currencies, and derivatives on Bloomberg Terminals. Our members get the chance to travel to New York, Toronto, and Vancouver to compete in international investment competitions and conferences. Many of our alumni have jobs with the top Canadian securities firms, and these connections allow us to get our members some of the most competitive co-op placements. DALIS is a great opportunity to meet other driven and successful students in upper years. No previous knowledge is required to join, but membership is encouraged for anyone looking for a co-op in sales and trading, wealth management or investment banking.

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Rowe JDCC (Jeux du Commerce Central)

The Rowe Jeux du Commerce Central (JDCC) team competes in one of the largest undergraduate business competitions in Canada. If you’re interested in showing your smarts through Academics, arguing your heart out in a Debate, showing your crazy side during Social or competing on the court in Sports make sure you tryout for our team!

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Rowe Marketing Association

RMA is a group of passionate young marketers that love to create, explore, network and stay curious. Our members gain real marketing experience working for our clients, including Dalhousie societies and local Halifax businesses. RMA members can also expect invites to hosted talks with special guests from the industry. Lastly, and probably the best part of joining RMA, is the built in network you get to be a part of. We have a lot of fun here, so if you’re looking to network, make new friends and get social, you’re in the right place.

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Rowe Women In Business Association

Founded in May 2015, Rowe WIBA is a student society at Dalhousie, which aims to inspire young women to take on leadership roles and pursue success. As a society, we host various events to provide our members with unique networking and professional development opportunities. I am looking forward to seeing many new faces in the Rowe and another year of strong member engagement.

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Rowe Sports Business Society

The “Game Plan” of the Rowe Sports Business Society (RSBS) is to provide Rowe students with opportunities and knowledge in the sports business world. This society will create a platform for students to combine their love of sports with their passion for business. Rowe Sports Business Society members will have the opportunity to engage in guest speakers sessions, networking opportunities and to be potential representatives at Sports Business conferences across the nation. The Rowe Sports Business Society is the newest umbrella society under the DCS. Members will help grow and shape the future of the RSBS.

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